icube 3d-carrier

At the heart of the iCUBE AS/RS – The 3D-Carrier

The 3D-Carriers are the robotized semi-autonomous shuttles that make the iCUBE AS/RS possible.

Fully designed and built in-house, the 3D-Carrier is a ground-breaking logistics solution that reduces the costs of a fully automated AS/RS compared to conventional equipment, while increasing the flexibility and modularity of the warehouse.

Using this technology, warehouses with small throughputs can fully automate with just one or two carriers, while warehouses where throughput is high can deploy more 3D-Carriers and ensure capacity requirements are met.

The 3D-Carriers are controlled using our proprietary control and registration software, that offers a vast array of coupling possibilities with external ERP/SAP software used by the customer.

Our warehouse control software automatically ensures the 3D-Carriers get sent to the charging spots if they reach a low battery state.

iCUBE lift

Fast, reliable and safe vertical transporters for pallets

Our lifts are custom made for the specific size of pallet used by the warehouse as well as if regards to the building height.

The lifts are produced using only the highest grade components, they use four independent electromechanical actuators for maximum stability and in order the evenly distribute forces.

The lifts from Logiqs are very compact, in order not to waste racking space and have a maximum lifting weight of 2.000kg.

icube racking

Robust standardised racking

For the iCUBE racking, we collaborate with the Storax-Ramada Group, a renowned Portuguese manufacturer of pallet racks, operating world wide.

The Storax SP pallet racks are available in 2 profiles for the uprights: SP80 (80 mm) and SP115 (SPL) (115 mm).

The SP system is also available with a wide range of beam types, allowing each application to be accurately planned for optimum performance while avoiding unnecessary costs due to over-dimensioning.

Besides the standardised racking the iCUBE racking also makes use ox X-Track elements, which form the track for the iCUBE 3D-Carrier to move between the aisles.

For the aisles, we use proprietary “Z” shaped profiles that allow the 3D-Carrier enough room to drive under the pallets. These “Z” profiles also directly support the pallets.

Logiqs iCUBE AS/RS Brochure

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